Apeiron Characteristics

Directly from Crete of Greece right where the first cultivation of the olive tree took place worldwide in 3500 BC, Apeiron Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an authentic Greek no blended organic olive oil with an extremely fine taste and an acidity of not more than 0.5 coming from first pressings of the olive trees that meet the ultimate standards. Thanks to its rich texture, flavour and scent, our extra virgin olive oil is a unique choice for cooking and for all types of food.

With its top quality thick glass bottle, topped with a wooden cap with natural cork and beautifully boxed, it is an exceptional gift for the gourmet lover.



origin: Greece, the island of Crete, Chania
variety: koroneiki
harvest: by hand
extraction: cold
acidity: less than 0.5
bottling: by hand
labeling: by hand
colour: bright green
flavour: aromatic and fruity with peppery connotations
storage: dark, dry under 25 C
volume: 700ml

Important Information On Buying And Storing Olive Oil

Exposure to light and heat can turn olive oil rancid. This destroys the healthy, antioxidant properties of the oil. Exposure to air is another enemy of the fragile antioxidants.